About Us

LLC Health Care Global ( 002258329U) 


is appointed by Guangzhou BSY Bio-Tech Co. Ltd from China 

as the sole distributor in Malaysia  

for the BSY products mainly the BSY Noni Black Hair Magic, Noni magic Dark Brown and BSY Fed Noni Leaven Enzyme or Noni X Plus. 

NOte:- If you suspect or encounter our dealers and distributors sell the FAKE ones , you can lodge a complaint right to the KPDNKK (http://kpdnkk.com.my) or directly let us know via email bsynonimagic@gmail.com 

As such we would like to introduce you about the genuine manufacturer of BSY products.

BSY Malaysia Trademark is owned by Guangzhou BSY Bio-tech Co. Ltd and it is not true that is owned by Malaysians and not functioning. This company has the trademark registered since 2010 in Malaysia. Since in the midst of the year 2016, the managers in Malaysia have given up the MLM BSY business to start on their own and thus the BSY Malaysia has stopped their MLM operation.

Nevertheless, the company is still function in the supervision of the trademark owners at China and appointed us as distributor for their products. Some people thought there is no BSY anymore and they started producing themselves using the same brand name and sell assuming that the BSY China is non existence. BSY China has been very tolerant with these unscrupulous act of these people and thus they come back as distributor -retail not an MLM company anymore.

We would like to share with you the factory of Guangzhou BSY China.

Biotechnology Park
BSY International Group recently created a clean water source biotechnology park in Guangzhou in mainland China. By 100,000 GMP certification, QS quality supervision department of licensing. Large automatic filling production lines, digital control multifunction 100,000 GMP purification plant BSY International Group has always been adhering to the “biotechnology industry vertical garden”, the biotechnology industry as a core industry groups, to accelerate the use of biotechnology and biological development of the industry. Guangzhou clean water source biotechnology park main products are: Noni enzyme drinks, Chinese caterpillar fungus oral liquid, oral collagen and other healthy drinks.
Health food biotechnology park clean water sources are high clean production workshop production workshop air have been at the beginning, in effect efficient filtration and constant temperature process, and reach 100 000 clean room requirements, through the GMP authentication. Production personnel entering the production plant must undergo six heavy isolation dressing, clean disinfection. Production of water all through “reverse osmosis water purification” treatment, the purity of the water up to five times the typical pharmaceutical purity, the state provides 50 times the drinking water. Currently digital automatic filling system filling twenty thousand per hour oral. Workshop production of dosage forms include soft capsules, hard capsules, tablets, powders, and other specifications, and by the Guangdong Food and Drug Administration GMP certification of health care products. Factory to implement fully automated operation, equipped with imported production equipment soft capsule, hard capsule production equipment, production equipment and tablet automatic packaging production lines. Advanced equipment and ingredients throughout the production, testing the entire process, to achieve the production scale of 500 million hard capsules, soft capsules, 500 million, 800 million tablets pressure.
Clean water source biotechnology park has an effective quality control system: “TQM Total Quality Management”, ISO9001 international quality management system, 5S daily management. Special quality commissioner QA, QC, to the internationally accepted quality management standards enterprises of various production processes and behavior in order to standardize procedures, systematic management of manufacturing enterprises. Clean water source Biotechnology Park sophisticated laboratory professional, sophisticated research and development laboratory quality control center. Equipped with central laboratory, precision instrument rooms, inspection rooms and other professional and technical biochemistry laboratory. Central Laboratory facilities, well-equipped test equipment to meet the needs of pharmaceutical standards, and to the specialized, automated and intelligent development.

Due to the standard of quality control, BSY China has made the best quality products.