How to differentiate the genuine and the fake?

We are strongly resisting the growth of counterfeit products in the market, please be alert while purchasing any BSY product. The following are some tips that you can use to differentiate the fake BSY products.

Fake BSY Color
Without Distributorship
Fake Noni Back Hair Magic Packaging
Fake BSY Packaging Design
Original Bsy Product Recognition

Always Check The Logo

We have the 3SY and the BSY LOGO with the eagle logo of BSY

There are 4 logos that is on the box and the sachet. No ammonia, IFANCA HALAL, USA CERTIFIED TECHNOLOGY and Organic ( to show is natural and genuine)

The sticker is a special sticker. We can identify our own sticker. Even if it looks the same it may not be the same with our test on it.

The inside ingredients are definitely very different. Genuine has only plant extracts for colorants and for the fragrance . They are not chemically produced. It is more watery and has two types of liquid not mixed but will be mixed only when it is opened. One white and the other is brownish gel  liquid

We also have the KKM (ministry of Health of Malaysia) notification number with the distributorship information.

They use HONG KONG, USA and all are incorrect. All the BSY hair products never produce in Hong Kong or USA but only at Guangzhou BSY Bio tech ltd China.

Coming SOON…

BSY has never stopped research and develop new products. Follow our Facebook page to get the latest news about BSY!

Suspect Fake BYS Dealers ?

If you suspect or encounter our dealers and distributors sell the FAKE ones, you can lodge a complaint right to the KPDNKK (http://kpdnkk.com.my) or directly let us know via email bsynonimagic@gmail.com .


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